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Welcome to homepage of DISCOPAL — the group of Discrete Optimization Algorithms at Department of Mathematical Methods and Algorithms Institute For System Programming Russian Academy of Sciences. (Official page of the Department is [http://www.ispras.ru/%7Emart/ here]. Official page of the ISPRAS is [http://www.ispras.ru/ here]).
The goal of this page is to provide the information for some of the groups projects.
== Main areas of our research ==
=== Combinatorics ===
* packing and covering problems
* explicit constructions
* codes, expanders and Steiner systems
Results were [[en.nnkuzbib.htm|published]] in: European J. Combinatorics, Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, Lecture Notes in CS, J. Combin. Designs, Information Process. Letters
=== Graphs, Hypergraphs and Partially ordered sets ===
* extremal problems
Results were [[en.nnkuzbib.htm|published]] in: Combinatorica, J. Comb. Theory, Order, Discrete Math.
* p-cycle optimization problem: design of fiber optic communication networks with fast restoration joint project with Nortel Networks — 2000
Approximation algorithms in linear integer programming (IP)
* randomized rounding technique
* derandomization
* fast heuristic algorithms for specific IPs
* fast approximation LP algorithms
Results were [[en.nnkuzbib.htm|published]] in: Discrete Math. Applications, Discrete Analysis and Operations Rsearch, Math. Methods in Operations Research
=== Programs obfuscation ===
complexity analysis of program transformations (reverse engineering). Joint project with [http://www.cloakware.com/ Cloakware Corp].
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