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== A Fast and Simple Approximation Algorithm for Positive Linear Programming ==
We introduce a new fast parallel approximation algorithm for Positive Linear Programming (PLP), i.e. a special case of Linear Programming in packing/covering form, when the input constraint matrix and the constraint vector consists entirely of nonnegative entries. Our algorithm, which draws from techniques developed in <tt>[LN93]</tt>, <tt>[BBR97]</tt>, is simpler than the previous approximation algorithms for positive linear programs and has efficient parallel and sequential implementations. In particular, the time complexity of sequential implementation is <m>O(\frac{mn}{\varepsilon^2}\log^2\frac{mn}{\varepsilon})</m>, which is the new best upper bound.
The parallel complexity of the algorithm is <m>O(\frac{1}{\varepsilon^4}\log^4\frac{mn}{\varepsilon})</m>, which is close to the best known bounds.
Our computational experiments show an advantage of our algorithm in the running time over the algorithms in <tt>[GK98]</tt>, <tt>[BBR97]</tt> on random input matrices.
=== Publication ===
S.A.Fomin, [http://discopal.ispras.ru/papers/plpapx_conf2000.ps A Fast and Simple Approximation Algorithm for Positive Linear Programming]. (English version of "Novyjj priblizhennyjj algoritm dlja zadachi polozhitel`nogo linejjnogo programmirovanija" Diskretnyjj analiz i issledovanie operacijj. Serija 2. Tom 8. N.2.).
== References == 
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