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The program <code>NETWORK_COVER</code> realize ways of improving of the ''P-cycle'' technology for finding cyclic paths (p-cycles) for mesh topology protection/restoration.
Optimization problem of finding a desirable set of p-cycles can be formulated as integer program (IP) where variables correspond to all cycles in a network. A standard approach is to use then IP algorithms to solve this problem. The drawback of this approach is that the number of variables (cycles) is very large (may be exponential) even we consider relatively small networks.
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Our algorithms based on fast extracting a relatively small subset of «essential» variables. Instead of solution of large scale integer program in standard approach in our approach it is necessary to solve one linear program (LP) dual to the linear relaxation of the original integer program (we propose special efficient algorithm for this purpose) and solve one relatively small integer subproblem which includes «essential» integer variables.
You need an unzip tool like [http://www.winzip.com/ WinZip] to unpack (and decrypt) the distribution.
Password — <tt>nortel99</tt>.
[[File:network_cover_chm.zip|Documentation]] on NETWORK_COVER in <code>CHM</code> (Compiled HTML) — Internet Explorer required.
[[File:network_cover_bin.zip|Binary distribution]] for Win95/98/2000/NT.
[[File:network_cover_src.zip|Source distribution]].
Download documentation and follow instructions in Section «Installation».