No Easy and Right Way

  • Install standard Vagrand for Windows
    • Put vagrand in PATH
  • For installing Ansible
    • Need — arrr…
    • Use BabunHumanized Cygwin.
      • Install Babun
      • A Little Magic: run
"%USERPROFILE%\.babun\cygwin\bin\dash.exe" -c '/usr/bin/rebaseall -v'  

Install Ansible on Babun

Now, run

wget -O - | python
/bin/easy_install pip
/bin/pip install ansible


@echo off
set CYGWIN=%USERPROFILE%\.babun\cygwin
set SH=%CYGWIN%\bin\bash.exe
"%SH%" -c "/bin/ansible-playbook %*"

put ansible-playbook.bat somewhere in path

Useful Magic

  • Last working VB for Win and OpenVPN → 4.3.24


VBoxManage setextradata global VBoxInternal2/HostDNSSuffixesIgnore 1